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Timber Flooring Maintenance

The maintenance of your newly finished timber flooring begins from the moment you return to your home after work has been completed

Preventative maintenance involves protecting the surface from, scratches, spills and moisture.

Your freshly coated floors will need time to cure, 30-90days depending on the products used. During this time you should treat your floor with extra care.

When returning household furnishings and white goods to your rooms, do not drag, slide or roll. Place items in their desired positions and leave them.

Put feet protectors on all items. Rugs and mats should be placed at all entrance ways after curing of the finish.

Remove your shoes as much as possible, high heels should never be worn on timber floors.

Keep your floors free from grit and sand by regular sweeping and vacuuming.

Do not wet mop your floors, use a damp cloth or Swiffer to clean with water. Detergents or cleaners should only be used in line with the floor finish manufacturer’s guidelines.

Recoat! Even the most durable finish will required a professional recoat. This can be done on the entire area or only those high traffic areas which are beginning to wear out. Recoating may be required after only a couple of years or more, depending on the finish applied and how it is looked after. Some natural oil products require regular re oiling, manufactures guidelines and contractors will inform you of the need to do this.